Back to School Health Fair 2016


Per Kirsten Myers, Outreach Patient Guide, CVCH, in order to celebrate National Health Center Week, Columbia Valley Community Health hosted their 7th Annual Back to School Health Fair on Saturday, August 6 from 9AM to 12 PM.  During this event, they provided backpacks and school supplies to school aged children with a partnership with North Central ESD.  Health and education are closely intertwined so they hope to impact the young minds of tomorrow by ensuring that financial barriers families face during the back to school period are reduced and students have the tools to succeed in school.


            The Compassionate Friends (TCF) was again invited to be a partner with CVCH and participate in this event to share valuable information to the more than 1400 anticipated participants at this even.  We accepted the invitation.


            With clear skies, temperature at 92 degrees and very light wind, we set up our canopy, table and chairs.  The staff was just wonderful to make sure we had the right spot and someone to help us if we needed it.  Then came the water and special packs of apples from Crunch Pak. They were offered often to make sure we were doing OK and how they could help us.


We put out our TCF brochures for the parents, and baskets of bookmarks for the children.  Bookmarks were in the shapes of frogs, space ships, snails, fish and butterflies – they were so cute.  Kids had a ball selecting one or more of these bookmarks and learning how to use them.  Some shared that they were reading during the summer and we made sure they had enough book marks for each of their books, and then they would take another for their school book.  They were all so polite and careful not to take too many, and then left saying “Thank You” and running off to show their family and friends.


            Each of the booths gave away school supplies to fill the back packs; and some had games or other give-a-ways for the children – every booth had something.


            As 11 AM approached, I noticed that I was getting low on my book marks and mentioned this to one of the CVCH staff.  She said that they exceeded the number of students they expected – instead of 1,400 they had almost 2,000.  WOW! 


            It was a pleasure to work with the staff at Columbia Valley Community Health, and to interact with so many other Community Partners to help our families.  I look forward to returning next year.


                                                                                                            Chapter Leader