2015 Worldwide Candle Lighting Program Recap


Sunday, December 13, 2015


            The Compassionate Friends holds the annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Ceremony on the 2nd Sunday of December at 7PM in every time zone of the world.  This was the 19th annual Candle Lighting and it was awesome to be part of this event.


            We lit over 60 candles to represent our children – of all ages, from all causes, from all backgrounds.  When we talk about our children, there are no barriers of race, religion or age – they are our children. 


            Our candle lighting table was adorned with special angels to represent this event:  our Angle of Honor coming from a chapter that closed their doors a few years ago; our Angles of Wisdom, Knowledge and Compassion coming from The TCF Convention held in Portland a few years ago; our Angle of Hope recently made by an artist in Wenatchee for our Candle Lighting Event; our Angle of Purity representing the loss of our babies through early pregnancy loss or infant loss in those first couple of  years of life; and our Angel of Love, a gift from one of our Grandfathers a few years ago.


            We also had the privilege of sponsoring “McKenna’s Open Cupboard with her Peanut Butter Drive so that peanut butter could be included in the Christmas Baskets given to our families through their Food Bank.


            This was a beautiful ceremony with some wonderful comments:  “it was so meaningful to me”; “yesterday was my son’s birthday and I just had to come and honor him”; one of our teen’s mentioned that “this was a special, quite time to reflect and remember my friend”. 


            This was our Christmas gift to all of our families, friends, and community here in Wenatchee.  A special “Thank you” to everyone who participated in this Candle Lighting Ceremony.

                                                                                                Carol Sunada, Chapter Leader




Can you see our candles burning in the night?

Lights of love we send you, rays of purest white.


Children we remember though missing from our sight,

In honor and remembrance we light candles in the night.


All across the big blue marble spinning out in space,

Can you see the candles burning from this human place?


Oh angels gone before us who taught us perfect love,

This night the world lights candles that you may see them from above.


Tonight the globe is lit by love of those who know great sorrow,

But as we remember our yesterdays, Let’s light one candle for tomorrow.


We will not forget, and every year in December –

On earth we will light candles … as we remember.

                                                                                                                                Written by Jacqueline Brown

 TCF, Peace Valley, New Britain Pennsylvania

Our Candle Lighting Ceremony Picture Gallery